Sewing Classes

Want to become a fashion designer? Or maybe just wanting to try something different and be proud to say to your friends ‘I made it myself’. We would be happy to welcome you to our studio and help you explore the world of making, creating and sewing.

Beginner’s Class

Wanted to sew but don’t know where to start? Fear no more. Everybody can extend their thread of knowledge with this sewing workshop for beginners. This three-hour class offers an introduction to domestic and industrial sewing machinery and over lockers.

The course is designed for those wishing to start from scratch and wanting to progress to a more accomplished level of sewing and making their own garments. In the class you will develop a sound set of sewing machine skills and knowledge. This will give you the confidence to use a sewing machine on your own and to attempt more ambitious projects, clothes making and alterations.


Advanced Class

Are you confident on the sewing machine? Can you sew at a reasonable speed? Have you successfully completed a few dressmaking projects and would like to learn some new techniques to bring your sewing to the next level and gain more confidence?

The course is designed for those who have made easy garments in the past and are ready to move to truly tailored garments using facings, invisible zips and learning how to set sleeves and different techniques and stiches.

With our help, you’ll gain the confidence to apply professional finishing techniques to garments sewn using different type of fabrics

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