If you’re hoping to create a truly unique look for your special day, this collection is certainly the one for you.Create your own individual bridal style with our versatile and whimsical bridal signature service! From essential and graceful tops to modern yet romantic skirts, this service gives our free spirited and unique bride the opportunity to build a look you love this season.


Signature Services

How it works:
To begin, there is a gorgeous range of beautifully simple tops and skirts and gowns, which can be built upon to find the perfect style for you. From a sweetheart corset to a halterneck, from A-line to a mermaid or a princess skirt we will select a few options and combine them to find your perfect style.

Once you’ve chosen the basis of your look, it’s time to choose a gorgeous overlay to perfect your dream bridal style. Off shoulder beaded top, sleeves , lace embellishments and so much more – let your creativity take over, as you choose your ultimate combination.

During this process you will have several consultations with your personal dressmaker to work out all the small details so that the final dress fits and looks perfect.

Last but not least , each component of the look has a separate price so that you can combine the details as you see fit to work withing your budget. This is great alternative for brides that want an unique look but do not have the budget or the time for a bespoke project.

How long it takes:
6-12 weeks is the average time for completing a signature look but if you are in a rush we may be able to accommodate you. For more details please call our boutique.

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